Principal Enda McDonagh and Nivin Nabeel to Present BIM Strategy at the CanBIM Industry Summit on Prefabrication 2022

On January 20, 2022, Nivin Nabeel and Enda McDonagh of Montgomery Sisam will present BIM strategies for developing modular projects, coordinating large teams and working with tight timelines at the CanBIM Industry Summit on Prefabrication 2022.

The session titled, “Big Team, Big Project, No Time,” will discuss how they’ve utilized BIM for their modular projects to optimize early planning, team collaboration and project workflows.

This Industry Summit is hosted by CanBIM’s Prefabrication, Offsite and Modularization Think Tank. The virtual broadcast will offer an in-depth discussion on the challenges and opportunities present within the construction industry and detail how prefabrication, modular approaches and innovations in technology can help to address issues.

Watch the full presentation here.