Warsaw University of Technology, Master of Architecture and Urban Planning, 2014
Warsaw University of Technology, Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning, 2011

Major Projects

Amica Balmoral Club
Amica Islington Village
Runnymede Long Term Care

Amica North Shore
Create TO Housing Now 50 Wilson Heights ZBA Submission

Kasia Krawczyk


Kasia joined Montgomery Sisam in 2019 with 5 years of architectural experience and professional strengths in the market housing sector. At the firm, she has made substantial contributions to the preliminary phases of design for a number of mixed-use high-rise developments in the city’s urban core.

With a strong working knowledge of tall building guidelines and the municipal planning process, Kasia has assumed the role of Job Captain on several Amica Seniors Lifestyle projects. She completed key responsibilities producing concept designs, massing diagrams, municipal planning submissions, client presentations, 3D renderings, and schematic design drawings for five prospective retirement communities across the GTA. She also leveraged her knowledge to advance the Zoning By-Law Amendment Submission for the City’s high-profile HousingNow project at 50 Wilson Heights. Kasia thrives in a fast-paced environment and is incredibly proficient at learning new skills and producing quality work under tight deadlines.

During her extensive travels, Kasia grew to appreciate the role buildings play in the larger, dynamic organism of the city. She firmly believes in design that works to elevate the urban realm.