The Corner Brook Long Term Care project responds to an increasing demand for long term care beds in Newfoundland and Labrador and the residual pressures placed on the province’s acute care systems. The new home is located on a picturesque 8 acres site; together with the future acute care hospital, it will an integral part of a larger care campus.  

The large building mass is broken down into two parts; a more residentially scaled two-storey Pavilion with integrated penthouse and shared amenity spaces, and a five-storey Residence building. Dropped down to the lower grade on the sloping site to reduce the scale of its elevation behind the Pavilion, the Residence is apportioned into two, back-to-back wings that turn inward to frame beautiful vistas across the City of Corner Brook and out to the Bay of Islands. Its lower level is occupied by two specialty units with dedicated entrances, one each for rehab and palliative care, as well as facilities and materials management. Levels 1 through 4, accessible via the Pavilion, are dedicated to long term care.

The building’s configuration, with its multiple wings, creat­es a series of important outdoor spaces that complement the different care program at every level. With appropriate micro-climate conditions and suitably scaled for ease of maintenance, these spaces are safe, inviting places year-round. They include dedicated Rehab and Palliative Care Gardens in the courtyard, a Long Term Care Garden just outside the Pavilion, and shared outdoor terrace spaces off each of the Long Term Care House dining rooms. Regular, optimized fenestration in all communal living spaces and resident bedrooms, and glazed lounges strategically located at the north-westerly tip of each of the Houses further enhance indoor-outdoor connections and maximize views over the City and out to the Island of Bays.


Completion Date:


Project Type:

Long Term Care

Building Size:

163,000 sq. ft.

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