Norview Lodge is a 125,00 ft2, two-storey long term care home located in a rural setting along the edge of natural Carolinian forest. Modest in scale with large sheltering roofs and wood cladding, the building draws inspiration in its design from the surrounding farm community and its rustic agricultural vernacular.

The plan features a central, double-height atrium with high windows around which a series of amenity spaces are clustered, including a publicly accessible auditorium, chapel and lounge. When lit, the atrium becomes a highly visible, welcoming beacon from the road. Two wings bookend the double-height volume. Each wing is subdivided into four 26-bed resident home areas complete with dining room, activity space and spa. Resident bedrooms overlook a series of forest-facing courtyards.

Recognizing that many of the residents would have spent much of their lives working outdoors, the design establishes strong indoor-outdoor connections. In addition to courtyards, the building features deep porches, shaded terraces and expansive windows with open, engaging vistas of the surrounding landscape. Wood is also used extensively throughout the building which, when combined with other natural materials like stone, offer a warmth and richness to the space.


Completion Date:


Project Type:

Long Term Care

Building Size:

137,250 sf

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