Kipling Acres is a modern, best-practice long-term care home dedicated to an integrated, community-based approach to seniors’ health and wellness. In addition to its 337 beds, the home features many pioneering additions, including art and music therapy suites, seniors’ community centre, chapel and auditorium, children’s daycare, adult day centre, flex spaces for partnerships with local service providers and college care programs, as well as a large, secure courtyard where these programs converge. The courtyard itself includes gardens, walkways, barbeques, and ample seating as well as a bandshell for live performances. Widely praised for its intergenerational programming, Kipling has catalyzed retrofits across the City.

The hub, sited in the geographical centre of the campus and fitted with displays of public art, serves as both main entrance and amenity hotbed. Paths radiate out from the hub and through the different program spaces, bringing persons of different ages and abilities together. Lounges, dining rooms and recreation spaces all evoke visual, auditory and experiential interest in their character, finish and subtle integration of technology. Innovative applications of radiant floor heating warm the body through contact.

Architectural language, inspired by mid-century modern design, is mindful of its post-war suburban architectural context; it retains a modest, low-rise composition with gently sloping roofs that echo the local vernacular.

Kipling Acres achieved LEED Silver Certification.


Completion Date:


Project Type:

Long Term Care

Building Size:

326,000 sq. ft.

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