The George Street Revitalization is an incredibly complex and ambitious redevelopment project that transforms Toronto’s largest men’s shelter along with seven (7) derelict heritage properties into a new centre of excellence for integrated, community-based care. Upon completion, the centre will offer a dynamic range of housing options, social programs and wellness services, including 378 long-term care beds, 130 transitional living beds, 100 emergency shelter beds, 21 affordable housing units, and a new community service hub.

Mitigating the complexities of scale and program within the constraints of a tight urban site, the design scheme considers the building and streetscape comprehensively. A datum line divides the massing into two major parts: a single storey plus mezzanine infill with the most public components of the building program; and a six-storey bar above, containing the majority of the more private program areas. The datum line coincides with the height of the heritage properties so as to allow for a greater, more sympathetic articulation of the facade at street level.

A curb-less streetscape, wide and barrier-free sidewalks, minimal grade changes and new signage invite positive, pedestrian-oriented circulation. These features, together with multiple entrances, new pathways, urban agriculture and dedicated open green areas, work collectively to create a welcoming, vibrant public realm for residents and neighbours alike.

Montgomery Sisam Architects in joint venture with Hilditch Architect have been collaborating on the George Street Revitalization since February 2015, successfully completing the planning, design exemplar and project specific output specifications for this project.


Completion Date:

In Progress

Project Type:

Long Term Care

Building Size:

590,000 sq. ft.

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