The Centre for Fertility and Reproductive Health fit-out project transforms the seventh floor of an existing commercial office building into an industry leading medical and laboratory facility dedicated to helping patients overcome reproductive difficulties while maintaining their overall health and well-being.

Sensitive to the nature of the centre and its clientele, the design supports a peaceful, soothing experience of space from reception through to the procedural rooms for patients and their partners. The lobby art wall diffuses harsh light often associated with clinal settings. Offices, classrooms and staff rooms benefit from generous glazing and access to an outdoor terrace. Across the floor, finishes and fixtures are warm and welcoming with a cheerful colour palette. 

The office building was also subject to an extensive mechanical retrofit to support the Centre’s intensive laboratory functions. Interventions included a new service shaft travelling up through the floors above to accommodate a dedicated rooftop air handling unit and generator as well as dedicated riser from the ground floor gas manifold room to the laboratory to provide a continuous supply of medical gases.


Completion Date:


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Building Size:

14,000 sq. ft.

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