The Modular Supportive Housing Initiative is an innovative rapid delivery model that will provide more, better quality, long-term housing for those currently experiencing homelessness on an accelerated timeline. Phase 1 was initiated in direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic to relieve pressure on the shelter system and create safe, permanent housing solutions for its most marginalized residents. Phase 2 continues these efforts.

Phase 2 comprises an additional 309 new self-contained units across five distinct sites in the city: 175 Cummer Ave, 540 Cedarvale Ave, 7 Glamorgan Ave, 4626 Kingston Rd, and 150 Dunn Ave. Like their Phase 1 counterparts, these buildings all strive for a site-specific quality that resonates with their respective neighbourhoods. Their plans, however, have evolved to reflect several lessons learned. Built-in wardrobes are repositioned to improve unit layout. Windows are shifted to improve the unit entry experience. End modules are enhanced to improve urban integration, routing, landscaping and expansion opportunities. The elevator is relocated to reduce congestion in the main vestibule and administration area and allows for two additional living units. Mechanical and electrical modules are widened to improve coordination and routing and accommodate Tier2 sustainability requirements. And cladding details are amended to improve the material quality and expression of the façade. Phase 2 also included test-fit studies for an additional 12 sites under consideration for future phases of the Rapid Housing Initiative.


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Housing & Senior Living

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