Glen Hill Gardens is a new 224-bed long-term care home in Bowmanville, Ontario owned and operated by Glen Hill Terrace Christian Homes. The new home fills a critical gap in local service, supporting elderly seniors in their bid to stay in their community.

The 165,000 sq. ft. building sits on 3.25-acre lot next to a natural wood in a quiet residential area. It comprises two distinct volumes. The first volume is a one-storey pavilion that accommodates the shared services and amenity spaces, including the central kitchen, Town Hall, chapel, and several multi-purpose rooms. The pavilion features a large sloping roof, residential in character, that distinguishes it from the second volume. The second volume is a multi-storey structure that comprises seven Resident Home Areas (‘RHA’s). Each RHA is organized around one of two large, landscaped courtyards. They are paired on Levels 1 through 3 with common areas consolidated in the space between the courtyards in the centre of the floor plan. This courtyard configuration offers resident bedrooms, lounge and dining areas ample daylight along with pleasant views either into a courtyard or out to the community.

An enclosed link connect the pavilion and the residence. This deliberate breaking down of the massing helps reduce the visual scale of the home, create a more intimate entry sequence, and increase easy the number of accessible, programmable outdoor spaces. Emphasis on the outdoors supports the health and wellbeing of inhabitants and reinforces connections with the building’s peaceful neighbourhood setting.


Completion Date:


Project Type:

Long Term Care

Building Size:

165,000 sq. ft.

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