Montgomery Sisam has been collaborating with Extendicare Canada since 2000 designing and delivering multiple long term care homes in municipalities across Ontario. While each home is crafted from an identical functional program under tight budget constraints and delivered on an aggressive schedule, each project evolved to accommodate changing needs and is given a unique aesthetic character.

Homes range in size from 120 to 260 beds and are inspired by the principles of Eden care. They are designed to maintain strong residential features and compelling connections to the outdoors while meeting all the demands of an institutional setting. Beds are apportioned into smaller neighbourhoods and each neighbourhood has access to a lounge with fireplace as well as outdoor patios. They also share additional amenities including a hair salon, chapel and café all contributing to a greater sense of community. Throughout each home, extensive glazing, secured terraces and low window sills work provide a much warmer, more positive atmosphere.

The implementation of LEAN principles resulted in a number of operational efficiencies, including but not limited to: reductions in total floor area, the configuration of RHAs over two stories instead of three, the strategic distribution of supply closets, the direct connection of back-to-back serveries with a service elevator, the sharing of medicine rooms; and the introduction of digital charting stations. Notwithstanding budget constraints, many of these homes have achieved LEED certification and feature highly robust sustainable strategies.


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Long Term Care

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