The multi-award-winning Bird Studies Canada Headquarters is located next to Long Point Peninsula, Lake Erie, a designated World Biosphere Reserve and habitat to millions of waterfowl and migrant land birds.

Consolidating the functions of two existing facilities, it aims to strengthen the organization’s capacity for conservation, education and research without disturbing the site’s unique heritage. The existing farm buildings on site were retained and adapted to create flexible new offices, meeting rooms, a library, reception area and multi-function lecture hall, as well as a series of pleasing outdoor spaces in which to assemble research teams and birding enthusiasts for field observation.

Occupying a modest footprint, these facilities are oriented to take advantage of passive solar heating in the winter months and the prevalent wind condition of the site. Operable windows combined with a narrow cross section allow ample ventilation. The butterfly roof collects rainwater and controls runoff, which is fed to the adjacent pond. The existing farmyard, a textured gravel court, bounded by a wide swath of indigenous grasses, is undisturbed. The gravel court collects water via a sub-surface drain that is fed to this pond, mitigating the effects of storm water run-off. Unfinished and durable materials are consistent with the environmental ethos of the organization while meeting more pragmatic budgetary restrictions.


Completion Date:


Project Type:

Work Place

Building Size:

10,525 sq. ft.

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