The Toronto and Region Conservation Authority Restoration Services Centre is the first LEED Platinum certified building in Eastern Canada. The two-storey office building houses both management and field personnel with provisions for large seasonal staff increases. It also includes a workshop, garage, storage space, support spaces and a greenhouse for aquatic plant propagation.

Simple, cost-effective design solutions drive the building’s integrated approach to sustainability and high-performance outcomes. An east-west orientation maximizes the benefits of north and south exposures. A deep south-facing porch shields the windows from hot summer sun but allows the lower winter sun into the buildings. Low occupancy areas, such as the workshop and change rooms, were located at the west end of the building to further shelter the office space from excessive heat gain and harsh afternoon sun. Generous windows and a narrow floor plate allow for abundant natural light and through ventilation, reducing the demand for artificial lighting and cooling and ensuring that every employee is within 5m of an operable window.

Within the main double height space, much of the structure has been left exposed to allow a better understanding of the building’s construction and to minimize the use of redundant materials and their attendant costs. Active features, including a ground source heat pump, occupancy and photocell sensors for artificial lighting, heat recovery and passive tempering of fresh air, composting toilets, waterless urinals, ultra-low flow faucets and shower heads, substantially reduce energy and potable water consumption.


Completion Date:


Project Type:

Work Place

Building Size:

12,000 sq. ft.

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