From left to right, William Radford, Karine Quigley, Matteo Terzi, Kat Browne, Brad White, and William Harispuru

Montgomery Sisam appoints new Senior Associate and five new Associates

In recognition of their remarkable, ongoing contributions, Montgomery Sisam is pleased to announce the appointment of William Radford to the position of Senior Associate, and Karine Quigley, Kat Browne, Matteo Terzi, Brad White, and William Harispuru to the position of Associate.

With over 20 years of design expertise from across North America, William Radford ensures that Montgomery Sisam’s most complex, long-term care and healthcare projects are built to the highest standard of quality. His friendly and approachable manner make him a natural resource for others in the office, raising the quality of work firm-wide. His notable projects include the Cornerbrook Long-term Care Home in PEI and the Peel Manor Seniors Health and Wellness Village.

Kat Browne excels at the management of highly complex, large-scale projects, demonstrated by her success in the stewardship of the firm’s Planning, Design and Compliance projects. A highly diligent and driven individual, Kat exemplifies Montgomery Sisam’s approach to providing superior client service and sets an important benchmark for her peers. Her notable work includes Planning Design and Compliance for the New Toronto Courthouse and the Brampton Courthouse Addition.

William Harispuru is an extremely dedicated architect with an innate curiosity that drives him to find solutions to even the most complex architectural challenges. His diligent approach to his projects and generosity with his colleagues is integral to Montgomery Sisam’s high standard of quality and positive office culture. William’s notable work includes the West Park Healthcare Centre and the York School.

Karine Quigley is a passionate and talented architect who increases the level of excellence on all of the projects she contributes to. With extensive experience in the design of highly sustainable buildings, Karine is deeply invested in the firm’s mission to create socially conscious architecture that empowers building users in their health and agency. Her notable projects include the award-winning Koffler Scientific Reserve for the University of Toronto and the First Nations Technical Institute.

Trained in Italy, Matteo Terzi’s versatility as a designer and project manager have made him incredibly valuable to the practice. With a strong belief in the ability of architecture to build community, Matteo excels in all phases of project development and across a broad range of project types including education, healthcare and long-term care. His notable projects include the West Park Health Centre and the St. John Henry Newman Secondary Catholic school.

A talented Project Manager, Brad White possesses an exceptional ability to problem solve and generate innovative solutions to complex technical issues all while keeping calm under pressure. Adept at building camaraderie amongst his colleagues, Brad’s technical skills are matched by his contributions to office culture. His notable projects include the Martin Luther University College at Wilfrid Laurier University and the Accelerated Long-term Care Build program projects.