The new, expanded Ronald McDonald House Atlantic (RMHA) sits on a newly acquired site immediately opposite the IWK hospital, where most of its residents have travelled for treatment.

A vibrant red tile wall, reminiscent of the old RMHA’s beloved red door, offers a familiarity and sense of warmth to the entry sequence. The ground floor accommodates most administrative functions and major common elements and is configured around a courtyard. Ground floor common spaces include a series of activity rooms, parlour, play area and lounge as well as a shared kitchen and dinning room. A single loaded corridor frames the courtyard, allowing daylight to filter into these spaces from all sides. The scheme takes advantage of the existing site slope to create a partial basement condition for servicing and select amenity spaces, including fitness room, active play area and theatre. A generous terrace with play equipment feeds into and off of the activity rooms and wraps around the building to meet the kitchen. Resident floors are staked in a single five-storey block with projecting bay windows overlooking the courtyard or terrace below. The typical resident floor accommodates 8 family bedrooms including one larger family suite, each with its own washroom, as well as a shared laundry facility. Sufficient flexibility in the floorplate allows the building to adjust and evolve as needed without undue restrictions.

The new RMHA is designed to provide families with a relaxed atmosphere that makes families feel welcome and comfortable. Outdoor amenities, like the courtyard and terrace, access to daylight and engaging views are key design drivers as is the carefully crafted balance between community and privacy.

Montgomery Sisam Architects in Association with Lydon Lynch


Completion Date:


Project Type:

Housing & Senior Living

Building Size:

43,138 sq. ft.

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