The School of Applied Tech Renovations project is the largest component of a two-year, 100,000 ft2 backfill initiative undertaken by Humber College to address a pressing need for additional and better-quality spaces on North Campus for its many varied programs.

With the move of multiple departments to the new Learning Resource Commons, the design team was tasked with adapting an existing, vacated library building into faculty offices, meeting rooms and collaborative spaces to suit the co-location of multiple programs, including interior design and design foundations, architectural technology, engineering technology and landscape technology. Spaces for the School of Liberal Arts and Science, the School of Business, and the Education and Training Solutions programs were also enhanced. Modest, sensible, calculated moves also provided for new technology enabled classrooms, makerspaces, workshops and chemistry lab. These improvements maximize value for the College by supporting highly flexible and adaptable platforms that lend themselves to organic and ongoing transformation.

The renovations, spanning multiple floors and across four campus buildings, required complex phasing and decanting strategies to allow the College to meet its fast-track schedule while maintaining as much usable program space as possible during construction.


Completion Date:


Project Type:


Building Size:

60,000 sq. ft.

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