CHEO’s Integrated Treatment Centre will improve care and increase access to services for kids and youth living with complex medical, developmental, behavioral or mental health needs. The 6-storey building will be located on CHEO’s main campus.

CHEO wanted to create a facility that not only provides everything families need in a centralized location, but also connects these programs and services together, so that families receive integrated, seamless care.

CHEO’s Integrated Treatment Centre strives to be a safe, inclusive, comfortable, caring environment. This starts with an accessible, intuitive site plan for easy wayfinding that connects seamlessly with the existing campus network. The main arrivals court is highly visible with clear signage and an extensive canopy structure above a generous drop off. The canopy directs visitors to the main public entrance and lobby on Level 1. The building also has several other entry points to facilitate access, including a second public entrance on Level 2 connected to the entrance on Level 1 via a 2 storey atrium and feature/therapy stair, an underground link on Level 1 to and from the existing hospital building, a dedicated entrance for children attending the newly relocated CHEO School, and a dedicated staff entrance.

The design locates key public programs along the perimeter to benefit from daylighting and views. The entrance lobby on Level 1 is the social heart of the new building. Playful nooks, clusters of colorful seating, and enchanting displays of public art enliven the space and create positive stimulation for families. An elaborate wayfinding strategy inclusive of environmental graphics, bespoke flooring material and patterns, and decorative ceiling treatments helps guide visitors from the lobby to each of the different clinical departments. Each department is distinguished by its own front door, lobby and reception. Departments also include discreet back doors for staff to move efficiently between public treatment and private staff/service zones on each level. Treatment spaces are built to offer standardized enhanced flexibility and adaptability among clinicians with a variety of different needs.

The building’s massing, inspired by the local landscape and the waterfalls that denote the geological heritage of region, is defined by cascading terraces that create a series of outdoor play and therapy spaces to support clinical programming on the upper levels. These spaces offer opportunities for play, exercise, socializing, learning, and different sensory experiences. Together with the Indigenous Gathering Place and Main Entry and Arrival Garden on Level 1, they are designed to reinforce the important role connections nature and the outdoors play in creating a psychological supportive environment for children. They also extend a more welcoming gesture to the surrounding community.


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233,000 sq. ft.

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