Magna Hall delivers a vibrant academic and extracurricular hub and a new urban condition for the College in its unique rural context.

The new building is strategically located to frame the west side of the Central Quad, an important civic space where people from across campus converge. It features 25 new classrooms, computer labs, specialty healthcare training labs, a library, learning commons as well as new, multi-purpose athletic and recreation areas. This rich and varied programming is complemented by a variety of informal gathering and study spaces where students can interact, organize activities and learn in a more casual setting.

The iconic built form takes inspiration from the agricultural history and natural assets of the beautiful Oak Ridges Moraine on which it is sited. Functional elements outside – pathways, plazas, open green space – have been mapped inside the building to create synergies between exterior and interior. Entrances and internal streets connect to the main campus circulation system, while views within the building have been carefully curated to frame the landscape’s natural assets. Materials, finishes and fixtures are also inspired by the landscape, not only in colour and texture but also in their durability and sustainability.

Given the nature of its site and ecological mandate of the College, the project integrates a series of important sustainability features. A multipurpose pond consolidates fire water storage, stormwater management, and irrigation supply in an energy efficient design. Thoughtful building orientation, massing, and fenestration, together with high performance building systems, ample daylighting and flexible planning also contribute to high levels of operational and energy efficiency. The project is LEED Gold Certified.

Montgomery Sisam + MJM, Architects in Joint Venture


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232,000 sq. ft.

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