Tshwane University of Technology: Master of Architecture, 2014
University of Pretoria: Bachelor of Science in Architecture, 2008

Major Projects

West Park Healthcare Centre

Unionville Affordable Housing Project Pursuit

Inus Goussard


Inus joined Montgomery Sisam in September 2017 with 11 years’ experience as a project architect designing a wide range of building typologies of varying scales. With a strong, diversified knowledge of the industry, he is able to contribute as a key member of large, multidisciplinary teams through all phases of a project.

An advanced Revit user with astute abilities developing innovative design concepts, Inus has played an important role on a series of major pursuits with the office, including the new West Park Healthcare Centre Redevelopment and the Unionville Affordable Housing project pursuit. In completing these initiatives, he has demonstrated aptitude in site planning, design development, consultant coordination, drawing, rendering and presentation work, and an exceptional capacity to transform design concepts into real-world technical solutions that preserve the integrity of the design intent.

Researching and mapping the many cities he travels, Inus is inspired by tectonic expression and architecture’s capacity to embody the collective identity of the people it is intended to serve. His work always aims to create beautiful buildings and resilient experiences that actively enhance a sense of place.