Located in midtown Toronto, Meighen Manor provides long term care accommodations for 168 residents, primarily seniors.

The four-storey building assumes an “H” configuration with two distinct courtyards, each facing a major street. The north-facing courtyard includes an entry court arranged specifically to encourage pedestrian circulation but also provide sheltered vehicular drop-off and visitor parking. Slender building wings, flanking either side of the courtyard, are lined with a distinct colonnade and caped with expansive glazing offering views into the large interior public spaces within. The south-facing courtyard extends out the street by way of walled garden features and provides residents with a secure outdoor space for recreation.

Indoors, the first floor is dedicated to communal amenity spaces including a community room/chapel, hair salon and kitchen supported by varied administration and staff areas. The second floor provides secure accommodations for residents with significant cognitive impairment. The third and fourth floors provide accommodation for residents who are cognitively intact.

Glazed ‘porches,’ generous terraces at each floor, expansive window, strategic vistas and a therapeutic garden court for second-floor residents work in concert along with the courtyards to reinforce a critical indoor-outdoor connection known to increase positive health outcomes, minimize stress and facilitate the emotional and physical restoration of all occupants.


Completion Date:


Project Type:

Long Term Care

Building Size:

120,000 sq. ft.

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