Phase 1A is the inaugural phase of a comprehensive redevelopment project that transforms a 27-acres hospital campus into a pioneering urban village in which both CAMH and non-CAMH buildings would exist, thoughtfully woven into nine city blocks in complement with the existing urban fabric. This new urban village is the physical embodiment of CAMH’s efforts to reinforce the dignity of mental health patients, support their right to self-efficacy, drive social change and combat the stigma long associated with mental health and addiction.

Phase 1A delivers three distinct low-rise buildings accommodating 24 clients each for inpatient care as well as an outpatient addiction treatment facility.  Clients live in apartment-like environments with private outdoor gardens designed to foster self-sufficiency and enhance their recovery. The adjacent day treatment facility provides easy access for these clients’ therapeutic needs and is designed as a flexible office space that can easily adopt any future program changes. The office space design is predicated on optimizing operational efficiency within the best possible working environment. Open workstations encourage collaborative work while also offering a sense of privacy.

These buildings front a new, tree-lined city street integrated into the established urban neighbourhood. During their stay in this Alternate Milieu care facility, clients acquire an increasingly greater degree of independence encouraging a more fluid transition back into the community.  This innovative design for integrative client care offers patience access to the amenities of everyday life and inspires their sense of belonging to a community that ultimately supports their recovery and return to society.

Facilities Master Plan (with KPMB Architects and Kearns Mancini Architects); Fine Tuned Master Plan (with KPMB Architects); Master Vision Document (with KPMB Architects); Phase 1A: Full Architectural Services (with KPMB Architects and Kearns Mancini Architects)


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88,000 sq. ft.

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