Santiago Kunzle discusses Urban LTC at This is Long-Term Care 2023

At this years’ ‘This is Long-Term Care’ conference, Montgomery Sisam Director and Principal, Santiago Kunzle drew on his passion for long-term care design in exploring the topic “The Future of Urban LTC: Overcoming Development Barriers in an Urban Context.”.

The development of Long-Term Care homes in large urban centres has become increasingly difficult given the limited availability of large parcels of land and the irresolvable premiums associated with both its purchase and development. Santiago’s session asked, how can we re-envision the future of LTC design in cities to ensure a continuum of service for urban seniors? Through a series of case studies, Santiago explored different development opportunities in alignment with Ministry guidelines that help providers overcome current capital development challenges in urban settings and initiate discussions around how to operationalize these opportunities.

The key learning objectives revealed in Santiago’s presentation include identifying the challenges associated with building an urban LTC in the present development climate, distinguishing and describing different partnership opportunities that LTC design can support within the current design standard and Ministry approval framework and finally recognizing the operational implications and generating valuable discussions around how to actualize new LTC models in support of more socially sustainable cities for seniors.

Over the last 30 years, Santiago has designed and delivered over 1 million square feet of seniors supportive housing that spans the spectrum of care. He is a long-time champion of and changemaker in seniors supportive housing, regularly participating in advocacy initiatives dedicated to improving the places and spaces we deliver elder care.