Principals Daniel Ling and Enda McDonagh discuss a sustainable future for affordable housing at the 2023 Passive House Canada Conference

May 8th, 2023 in Hamilton, Montgomery Sisam Principals Daniel Ling and Enda McDonagh, together with Sean Botham from CityHousing Hamilton, presented on the topic of  “Designing a sustainable future for Affordable Housing”

Affordable and supportive housing are among the top development priorities these days, spurred on by joint incentives by the federal and provincial government. These building types are challenging. They have to be contextual and inclusive. They have to be economical in their design and operations. They also have to be efficient, resilient and responsible in the face of climate change, something the CMHC is further incentivizing through its funding program. Daniel, Enda and Sean’s compelling presentation explored a range of opportunities for low energy and low carbon affordable housing design in response to these mandates, ranging from Passive House to Zero Carbon Building.