Montgomery Sisam is delighted to announce we have begun work on the new Rekai Centre with Options for Homes

As long term care owners and operators elect to leave Toronto in response to rising real-estate costs, Rekai has joined forces with non-profit developer Options for Homes to create an exciting new development opportunity that will bring much needed long-term care beds and affordable housing back into the City’s downtown core.

The unique partnership between Rekai and Options for Homes is being widely lauded as a positive alternative to managing rising estate values and beacon of progressive city building. Together, Rekai and Options for Homes were able to purchase land for the new development at market value. The new integrated, multi-service hub will be located at the corner of Front Street East and Cherry Street. It will feature 224 long-term care beds and approximately 180 affordable housing units together with a range of ground floor amenities, including a daycare centre, bistro, and a series of medical clinics.

Designed by Architecture Unfolded, Option for Homes – Cherry North will be marketing in to seniors and individuals living with disabilities along with the general public. An integral part of this innovative development model are the potential synergies between support services that will allow condominium residents to age in place rather than move into a long term care home.

Designed by Montgomery Sisam, the Rekai Centre at Cherry Place will include a dedicated floor for individuals living with dementia and Alternative Level of Care floor for hospital patients. It will also support Rekai’s growing hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and palliative care programs. Staff from the Rekai Centre will have direct access to seniors at the Cherry North residence through one of three bridges.

Slated for completion in late 2021, Rekai at Cherry Plan with Options for Homes – Cheery North will add real value to the larger West Don Lands Redevelopment and Toronto at large.

Hear Rekai CEO, Sue Graham-Nutter speak about The Rekai Centre’s partnership with Options for Homes here.