College students in a large classroom listening to their professor

Montgomery Sisam gets a front row seat to the Global Class in Action!

With the 2019 federal election looming, the Global Class is in its element, hosting a multi-part series on the state of democracy in Canada and around the world.

Montgomery Sisam has had the privilege, these last few weeks, of joining Professor Lon Appleby, Global Class Host, and his students as they explored some big ideas and strived to answer some even bigger questions.

The Global Class’ pioneering interactive learning lab was the perfect forum to cultivate an exciting and invigorating exchange amongst peers. As students made use of the 23-foot LED screen, video pods, and tele-conferencing technology along with conventional cue-cards and sticky notes, it was an exemplary model of how education has evolved.

More impressive, perhaps, than the classroom itself, were the discussions it was facilitating. Democracy, students learned, is now the most popular form of government in the world but it is messy. What freedom, liberty and respect for the individual looks like is constantly shifting. And in today’s political climate, there is no underestimating the importance of young voices calling older generations to account.