Montgomery Sisam Architects is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Principals and four new Associates.

Montgomery Sisam Architects is pleased to announce the appointment of two new Principals. These individuals demonstrate outstanding skill and sensibility in all aspects of architecture, from design and project management to stakeholder engagement and client relations. In recent years, both have played instrumental roles on several industry-defining projects. In these projects and others, they have worked hard to preserve the values that we, Montgomery Sisam, espouse in our design philosophy and approach. And in their respective perspectives, experiences, and continued contributions, they have proven themselves time and again to be inestimable to this practice and its leadership team.

Kevin Hutchinson has been an integral part of developing Montgomery Sisam’s practice and practice culture for nearly ten years. He demonstrates a remarkable thoughtfulness in everything he does and commitment to the quality and resolution of his work. His knowledge of and versatility at every project stage across many sectors is remarkable, such that his contributions are wide ranging. His recent achievements include the ever-important Housing Now and Rapid Housing initiatives. Whatever the scope or scale of his assignments, Kevin takes great pride in the work of his teams. What’s more, he is always ready and willing to share his expertise and help others achieve the highest standards in their work.

Dustin Hooper is a skilled team leader with a strong design ethic. He is known and widely respected for his humility, sense of humour, and collaborative spirit. With these qualities, he brings a noticeable ease to every project he undertakes, building confidence and trust among clients and between collaborators. In recent years, Dustin has been instrumental in furthering Montgomery Sisam’s leadership in long-term care, managing transformational projects like Peel Manor and Rekai Centre Cherry Street. He has responded to every challenge and opportunity with commendable tact and grace, and a willingness to share his experience and lessons learned with others.

Montgomery Sisam is also pleased to announce the appointment of four new Associates. Each of these individuals have proven themselves to be leaders among their peers and trusted partners to senior staff.

Linnea Coveney  is a capable and effective leader who inspires her teammates and a rich, collaborative project process. She possesses a rare and remarkable combination of design talent, technical understanding and ability to see and work at both the macro and micro scale. She is also an amiable person and a gifted communicator with the ability to anticipate client, consultant and team needs. And in her ease and understanding, she conveys true passion for her work.

William Tink  is a kind, patient, constructive individual with a genuine passion for his craft. Over these last years, he has successfully adapted a standalone workflow to actively support our collaborative, iterative design process. With every new assignment, he impresses with his visual mastery. He has an incredible eye for composition and colour coupled with a thorough understanding and appreciation for our design principals and priorities. Ever methodical and detailed in his work, he is committed to high caliber representation that supports rich storytelling. What’s more, he continually seeks out new techniques and technologies to keep pace with current trends. Will is an invaluable member of countless teams and has brought tremendous value to our projects and profile as an office.

Tamara Schmidt is affable, easy going individual with strong interpersonal skills. She has demonstrated herself to be a highly skilled contract administrator. She is exceptionally collected and composed in carrying out her work. However challenging the circumstances, Tamara demonstrates a notable commitment to her projects and project teams. She is always reliable, always resolute. And she continually delivers in every aspect of her work.

Lida Arbabi  is a calm, composed individual, a diligent, thoughtful architect and an amiable, attentive team member. She is proficient in planning and design as well as in the technical execution phases of a project. Lida’s organization, communication, and collaborative nature are among the many strengths of her practice. She is also deeply invested in developing and maintaining strong client relationships and brings to every project an impressive level of consistency and dependability.