The bridge illuminated at night with the lights reflected on the Humber River below

Humber Bridge receives the Prix du XXe siecle’s Certificate of Merit

Montgomery Sisam Architects are pleased to accept the Prix du XXe siecle’s Certificate of Merit award for our Humber Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge project. In an effort by the National Trust for Canada and the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) to promote significant architectural projects, the Prix du XXe siecle Award celebrate projects which have become Canadian landmarks.

Cited as a “contemporary project [that] successfully incorporates iconic aspects of the history and culture of the site while responding to the current needs for pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure,” the Humber Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge has become a landmark project that effectively connects Toronto and Etobicoke, while simultaneously marking a gateway to what was once a historic trading route of Eastern Woodlands Indigenous peoples. The structure is patterned with an abstract image of the Thunderbird; an icon of the aforementioned indigenous people as well as panels that illustrate the site’s history.

The full description of the project and its achievements can be read here