Fredericton Justice Building to be featured next week as part of the Canadian Academy of Architecture for Justice 2023 Lecture Series

The Fredericton Justice Building will be featured as part of the Canadian Academy of Architecture for Justice 2023 Lecture Series.

Director and Principal, Daniel Ling, Associate Helena Mouton and Team Member Jacob Kummer will describe the evolving history of this project, the collaborative design process, approach to context, material applications and the methods and challenges involved in planning a state-of-the-art courthouse for three benches of the court.

The new six-storey Justice Building is the first purpose-built project of its kind in Fredericton since 1880. The courthouse will take its place alongside many important buildings that form part of an institutional precinct in the city centre.

The simple, solid mass of the courthouse is designed in deference to its judicial function and was inspired by the enduring, timeless quality of the many institutional buildings – the Legislature, the Fredericton Region Museum (formerly the Garrison, part of the military compound), the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, and the Christ Church Cathedral among them – that have long distinguished Fredericton as a capital city and centre for government, education, military, art and faith. Contemporary applications of stone, brick, copper and concrete work in concert to create a mature, refined expression of traditional building materials and techniques that characterize much of the downtown core.

The lecture will be held virtually, Tuesday, January 31, 2023 from 5pm to 6pm. For more information: CAAJ Lecture Series: Fredericton Justice Building | CAAJ / AAJC