First Building Coming Together For Phase 2 of Toronto’s Modular Supportive Housing Initiative

As part of the City of Toronto’s initiatives to address the housing crisis, the Modular Supportive Housing program aims to provide dwelling units for those experiencing homelessness by utilizing a modular construction process in order to reduce project budgets and timelines. Montgomery Sisam has been the prime architect for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the initiative, having completed the first phase in 2020 with 100 units across two buildings. Now, construction on the first building of Phase 2 is underway at 540 Cedarvale Avenue in East York, with a total of five buildings planned across the city.

Cranes have been hoisting and stacking the modules over the past few weeks as the three-storey, 59-unit building quickly rises out of the ground. Each typical module contains two bachelor units and a portion of the central double-loaded corridor, with specially modified modules used for the stairwells, elevator, service spaces, and ground floor amenity rooms. The modules are fabricated in a factory, complete with interior finishes and appliances, and are transported to site where they are lifted into place. Construction crews then seal the building envelope, connect the interior mechanical and electrical systems, and apply the finishing touches to complete the building in a matter of months rather than years.

Montgomery Sisam is thrilled to see this much-needed supportive housing become a reality, and we look forward to getting shovels in the ground for the remaining Phase 2 buildings across the city.

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