Construction showing the building skeleton

Construction on the new Centre for Collaborative Education at Durham College is well underway

Slated for completion later this year, construction on the new Centre for Collaborative Education (CFCE) is gaining ground, its intentionally provocative triangular plinth now visible within an otherwise subdued architectural landscape.

As construction progresses, a combination of limestone, white architectural block, wood soffit and a Muntz copper metal panel system will be employed methodically to create a dynamic building expression building that references the existing campus while maintaining an efficient, more modern enclosure. Upon completion, the neighbouring 1 storey Simcoe building will be demolished to make room for a quad, the new heart of the College to be framed, in time, by other new developments along its north and west perimeters. New pedestrian pathways will radiate out from the CFCE, traveling across the future quad and out into the campus in anticipation of these developments.

The Centre for Collaborative Education is the inaugural phase of the Durham College’s North Oshawa Campus Master Plan and will become a catalyst for future development, informing the design, program and integration of spaces and places to come.

More information on the new CFCE.