Architectural Design Magazine features article by Terry Montgomery

In a special design and health issue of Architectural Design, Terry discusses Montgomery Sisam’s recent work redressing the balance between clinical and non-clinical spaces in today’s care facilities in an effort to enhance the patient experience.

The issue, titled Design for Health: Sustainable Approaches to Therapeutic Architecture, was released in March of this year and features a range of articles by prominent academics and practitioners pioneering innovative solutions to sustainable building for health and wellbeing.

In his article “Cultivating the ‘In-Between:’ Humanizing the Modern Healthcare Experience,” Terry suggests that, all too often, the non-clinical spaces in a care setting are entirely unsatisfactory, embittering and often polluting the care experience. He advocates for a more holistic approach to healthcare planning that draws on the merits of the pre-modern care environment and brings renewed emphasis to the meaningful, enduring qualities of the outdoors. The article’s featured works include the Southdown Institute, St. John’s Rehab at Sunnybrook Hospital, and Ronald McDonald House Toronto.

Design for Health was edited by Daniels Faculty Lecturer and Post-Doctoral Fellow, Terri Peters.

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