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Take a first look at our new pavilions for Tommy Thompson Park

Managed by the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, Tommy Thompson Park is a unique man-made peninsula composed entirely of construction waste. Started in 1959, the site now extends about five kilometers into Lake Ontario and is more than 250 hectares in area. From this humble beginning, the Park has developed into a complex mosaic of habitats, which support a diverse community of plants and wildlife.

The series of small pavilions were designed to support the enjoyment, management and interpretation of the Park, without disturbing its character as urban wilderness. Three interventions respond to three unique intentions; a Staff Booth, Environmental Shelter and Bird Banding and Research Station.

The survival of the Park’s delicate ecosystem was dependent on achieving a fine balance between preservation and public use. Within this context the interventions are designed to be subtle events along a path rather than destinations. The structures defer to the natural habitat, offering visitors opportunities to rest, interpret, interact with TRCA’s staff or take refuge from the elements, and then continue on their way.

The structures relate to the landscape with varying degrees of integration depending on the objectives for each location.

For a full project description please see the project page:


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