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Principal, Daniel Ling speaking about Smart Buildings at the ASCC Conference

Montgomery Sisam Principal Daniel Ling, joined by Moriyama+Teshima Partner Daniel Teramura, will be speaking at the ASCC Conference this Tuesday.  Hosted by Sheridan College and the Administrative Services Coordinating Committee the conference examines building a sustainable future in the college sector.

Their session entitled “Smart Building – a sustainable future for colleges” explores how a smart building can help colleges overcome the challenges they face today, such as:

Increased energy costs

Managing changes in enrolment

Adapting to evolving technologies

Adapting to shifting pedagogy

Their joint design for the Sheridan College Hazel McCallion Campus Phase 2 building responds to the challenges identified above, and in particular, answers the following questions:

How can we significantly reduce energy consumption and cut operating costs?

What are the best ways of achieving a high level of flexibility and adaptability to ensure that a building offers excellent long-term value?

How can we achieve an economy of means that minimizes material consumption?

How can we engage building users and inspire them with ideas of sustainability?

Inspired by Sheridan College’s vision to set a new standard for energy performance by cutting their energy use by 50% by 2030; the design team was driven to come up with simple, elegant sustainable design solutions that achieve more with less.   These strategies boast a potential energy savings of 96 Kwh – which translates to a savings of approximately $120,000 a year.

Using the Sheridan College Hazel McCallion Campus Phase 2 building as a case study, the session explores the sustainable design strategies that were utilized. 

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