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Montgomery Sisam staff participate in the creation of a BIM multi-media tool kit for Ryerson University

Montgomery Sisam staff are lending their expertise to the creation of a multi-media tool kit that will facilitate the integration of Building Information Modelling (BIM) into the 3rd year core-curriculum for Ryerson University architecture students.  Staff participated in a series of student directed interviews that reflect on the impact of BIM on the design process.

This initiative has been undertaken by Ryerson Professor Jenn McArthur and 4th year student Shivathmikha Suresh Kumar and is funded by a Learning and Teaching Enhancement Fund Grant.

Leaders in the application of Building Information Modelling (BIM), Montgomery Sisam have utilized BIM on a wide range of projects.   Working with BIM for close to a decade, we have found it supports the high level of integration we strive for on all of our projects and encourages multi-disciplinary creative problem solving that responds to the pragmatic, economical and functional needs of our clients.



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