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Montgomery Sisam awarded the Montcrest School Redevelopment Project

Montcrest School has selected Montgomery Sisam to provide full architectural services for the redevelopment of its Broadview Campus.

Montcrest is a progressive academic institution, dedicated to cultivating programming that inspires critical thinking, entrepreneurship, curiosity and imagination. In seeking redevelopment, Montcrest aspires to provide its students with an enhanced environment for learning – one that better speaks to its values as an institution, the needs of its student body, and the complexities of 21st century education.

Montgomery Sisam is proud to work with Montcrest School in its mission to create, across campus, spaces that are as creative, innovative and complex as the programs they will house. 

Expansion and rejuvenation will provide opportunities for contemplative study as well as collaborative and experiential learning; deliver integrated and seamless access to state-of-the-art technology; respond to new and innovative methods of teaching and learning; and offer increased flexibility, adaptability and accessibility in view of future needs and trends. 


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