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Humber College Student Federation Plaza: Solving Complexity with Simplicity

Long outgrown and underutilized, the Humber College North Campus Amphitheatre is being reimagined, revived, and repurposed.

The construction team has recently broken ground on the new Student Federation Plaza, an exciting opportunity to transform North Campus and improve student experience.

The Student Federation Plaza wants to be more than a Frosh Week event space but a new informal campus space where students can easily pass through, feel comfortable in and gather at. Beyond improved connectivity between buildings, the Plaza will offer quality amenities for ever-day use including: flexible paved spaces, better shading with new tree canopies, a repurposed canopy structure, a new stage that doubles as covered patio, increased seating and loose furniture.

The goal: to create a singular student plaza with defined and active edges that provides a renewed sense of place to this forgotten space and encourages a variety of student uses – academic, social, or otherwise.

One of the main challenges of this outdoor space lies in how to effectively resolve the existing grades. There are as many as nine entrances at five different grade levels exiting into this outdoor space. The various grade levels contribute to the lack of flexibility, poor site drainage, and obstructed views. This first phase of construction will see the radical re-grading of various levels into a single, gently slope paved surface; one that provides definition for the new plaza while giving all entrances a fluid access to this space. 



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