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Caring for the Elderly – Montgomery Sisam explores home size relative to quality of resident care

In honour of “Together We Care” the Ontario Long Term Care Association Conference currently underway; Montgomery Sisam looks back on our explorations of the effect of home size on the quality of resident care. 

What are the advantages of the large or small homes for residents, staff and families?  Smaller homes may feel more approachable for family members and less intimidating for residents, while larger homes may support more robust and diverse amenities such as a cafe, library and chapel which may serve to enrich the lives of residents, staff and families.

We explore this issue in detail in the paper “Caring for the Elderly: Is Big Bad, Better or Both?” authored by Principals, Ed Applebaum and Robert Davies and prepared for the International Academy for Design and Health 7th World Congress. Previously only made available to conference attendees we have posted the article here in an effort to participate in the greater conversation surrounding best practice in care for seniors.




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