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The Arts and Administration Building is the most energy efficient building on the University of Toronto at Scarborough Campus

Built to accommodate increasing student enrolment in the social sciences and humanities departments, the Arts and Administration Building at the University of Toronto at Scarborough is a four-storey academic building housing classrooms, art and music studios, a 300 seat lecture theatre, academic and administrative offices, the registrar's office, a welcome centre and a new council chamber.

Sustainability was an important consideration for the Arts and Administration Building and is reflected in various levels of the design.  Sustainable initiatives include:

  • Storm water run-off is collected and used to irrigate the green roof and surrounding landscaping
  • Sun controls and light coloured ceilings bounce daylight into the building to a depth of 20 feet, maximizing daylight
  • The mechanical system incorporates a heat recovery system to decrease the unit's energy requirements
  • The building features an elevated green roof, which provides views, natural light and ventilation into a central court area from the adjoining buildings
  • The new concrete structure is produced from a 30% cementious replacement with slag - a by-product recycled from the steel industry  


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